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Fun Woman Wise Airmanship Adventure Video                                  By: Gail Schipper, Colorado

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Idaho Wilderness, WWaa Style

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The Mission:

Guide women to individual & collective...

Purpose Through Passion

Some believe Icarus was a fool to fly so close to the sun. Actually, he showed how close we can get. Like Icarus, women pilots, adventurers, and those in STEAM (science technology engineering art math) demonstrate how close we can all feel the heat. Woman Wise AWEsome Adventures focuses on the joy and purpose required to shine in STEAM and life using aviation as a lens to living full lives. It's all about sharing personal development into your best self with others.

Passion and purpose drive the ability to stand strong for something and overcome challenges along the way. Quitting is not why we face darkness in life. It's to triumph, feel confident, and give back to those who come after us. A personal legacy develops to pass on to help elevate others.

 This legacy should reflect that the reason to reach further is to improve upon yourself, not necessarily for money, promotion, rating, or new endorsement. Those are byproducts. More, the point is about being your best. Women get this. We reach further because we want to improve, and in the end, with our last breath, we know we reached as far as we, individually, were able and helped others along her journey. That makes the difference between an ordinary life and an extraordinary one that surrounds us with kindred spirits and cheered us aloft.

WWAA celebrates the process of reaching potential for one and for all. There’s no scarcity in passion, purpose, or potential for Woman Wise AWEsome Adventures.  

Discover the RIGHT STUFF within. Then give back to a sister.

Smiling While Flying,     Christina

Scroll down to find out about the Experience 2018 WWaa at Cascade, Idaho near beautiful Cascade Lake.

Previous WWaa held at Smiley Creek Idaho (U87) 

Each WWaa location offers unique learning-adventures!

No scarcity for ways to develop skills...

Try new ways every chance you get. From soaring, paragliding, new ratings, seaplane, tailwheel endorsements, or spin training... It's cumulative. It's adventure-learning.

Christina Tindle, LPC

Counselor, Life Coach, Adventurer,

Backcountry Pilot, Author

Christina's approach and landing at Flying B...

Woman Wise AWEsome Adventure 

​While there are many reasons women fly--or become mathematicians, engineers,  computer system administrators, or scientists--the low number of women pilots today is sad given that aviatrix were once a focal point during the Golden Age of Aviation where STEAM  sparkled (science technology engineering art math). Let's encourage more women out of the proverbial kitchen and into the cockpit of their own life expressing unique talents, skills, and joy. 

In this evidence-based, ground-breaking, out of the box seminar, participants experience a powerful and fun way to identify passion, rid fears, improve judgement, life confidence, expand competence, clarify purpose...and FLY PLANES.

Massage Therapist Colleen Olsen returns with her soothing outdoor massage tent. New this year, Kiana Chapman leads sunrise yoga and nutrition consultations. Details in the brochure above.