Christina re-frames personal challenges into positive growth while tapping into individual strengths & passions to build direction, momentum, happiness, leadership, creativity, ultimate health, wealth, & peak performance for life balance.

My Credentials

Over her career, Christina worked with diverse clientele including personal growth, teen & children, addictions, trauma, violence, artist creativity, aviators, & peak performance athletes. Applying evidence-based positive approach to guide Olympic athletes in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, competitors overcame perceived physical, mental, & emotional limitations. Now Christina infuses all of her word so clients achieve effective and lasting results in relationships, work, love, and play using her positive approach. She helps clients become fully connected with others & with life. Clients gain long-term happiness. Life is short; Change always starts in the NOW.

Christina Tindle, LPC

Counselor, Life Coach, Adventurer,

Backcountry Pilot, Author

Christina earned a BS in psychology w/minor in physical science graduating Magna Cum Laude. Further studies resulting in a Master's in Clinical Psychology with three years doctoral studies. She is a registered psychotherapist in Colorado soon to have an LPC. She is also a LPC in Idaho & personal/executive coach.

Thrive with Passion, direction, momentum