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​​Counseling Services 

Results Guaranteed: Your Personal Investment is Protected and Taken Seriously

Basic Couples Counseling Blocks   10 (90-minute) sessions: $2350 

Premier Couples Counseling Blocks  15 (90-minute) sessions: $3525 

Individual Counseling Blocks   4 (60-minute) sessions: $580

Family Counseling Blocks 4 (90-minute sessions) $940

Intakes, After hours, Weekends, emergencies $175/hour

Includes all tests, scales, readings, handouts, or podcast (coming soon).


Thrive, Sassy Seniors, Men's Forum, Cancer-Vive, Teen Leadership

4/sessions  $260/month

These groups are powerful and affordable ways to make huge positive shifts in your life.


Confidence & Self-Esteem Enhancement

Woman Wise Airmanship

Peak Performance Athletes

Health Wellness (Ex: Can Cer-Vive)

​Business & Career Exploration

Management  Development

Average Cost $540/month or $245/hour for Corporate/Group Training


Dates and Rates Vary

​Wonders of Solo Living - Connected Couples - Thrive Training - Teen Leadership -        Wholehearted Living -  Orient to Your True North - WWAA


My Counseling and Coaching Services

Free Personal Development Tools

Feel out of control, sad, lost, or bored? Reclaim your passion and energy for love, work, and play while gaining more satisfying health, personal relationships, communication, strengths, resilience, success attitudes, abundance, and purpose. A foundation in happiness brings success to everything you do. Get started NOW with Christina's fun, effective approach for significant and lasting positive change.

Life is an adventure in personal growth to be the best we can be so we give that best to ourselves and others.

Christina Tindle, LPC

Counselor, Life Coach, Adventurer,

Bush Pilot, Author