Over her career, Christina worked with diverse clientele including personal growth, teen & children, addictions, trauma, violence, artist creativity, aviators, & peak performance athletes. Applying evidence-based positive approach to guide Olympic athletes in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, competitors overcame perceived physical, mental, & emotional limitations. Now all of her clients achieve effective and lasting results in relationships, work, love, and play using Christina's positive approach. She helps clients become fully connected with others & with life. Clients achieve long-term happiness. Life is short; Change always starts in the NOW.


My Credentials

Christina Tindle, LPC

Counselor, Life Coach, Adventurer,

Backcountry Pilot, Author

Christina re-frames personal challenges into positive growth while tapping into individual strengths & passions to build direction, momentum, happiness, leadership, creativity, ultimate health, wealth, & peak performance for life balance.
Christina holds a Master's in Clinical Psychology with three years doctoral studies. Her BS with honors in Psychology ignited her passion for graduate school. Christina was a licensed counselor in Colorado. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Idaho & personal/executive coach.

Thrive with Passion, direction, momentum